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Article on Menstrual Hygiene awareness program

Menstrual Hygiene Management is a subject of Silence and discussion of the topic among women or even between mother and daughter is very limited. Menstruation is a very important natural body process among women which cannot be avoided. It is a distinct step into womanhood for the adolescent girls. Therefore it is imperative for every one of them to have awareness about menstrual hygiene.
Activities done as part of corporate volunteering

Corporate and Volunteering, two terms when separated mean an entirely different world all together. But being essential factors of a developing India, can create a world of difference to society working together. Driven by young volunteers in YFS, corporate volunteering focuses on engaging the employees of various companies in volunteering activities or procuring funds for different YFS social projects.
Volunteers taking children of tuition centre to IISc
Lunch after an exhaustive trip When I first saw a mail from my colleague regarding YFS volunteering opportunity, I thought it was one of the regular opportunities. The event was  Visit Indian Institute of Science with children. The description stated that the volunteers were required to take care of school children visiting IISc.
Vivekananda Jayanthi in schools
VJ-1 Swami Vivekananda once said, The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them. At a time when children are more familiar with Christmas and Halloween, YFS helped government schools organise Vivekananda Jayanti, the birth anniversary of an inspirational legend who introduced Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world and contributed to the concept of nationalisation in colonial India.
School kit drive
SKD-Pic Dear Volunteers, YFS is looking for volunteers to coordinate/ support the Fund Raising efforts for the School Kit Drive 2014! More than 20,000 children benefitted from the School Kit Drive conducted by YFS last year! This was a result of the dedication of YFS Volunteers who contributed their efforts and coordinated the campaigns for these programs.

Volunteer Spotlight

About Jyothi S
Jyothi teaching children at a school

This month we have Smt. Jyothi Sathrasal in the Volunteer Spotlight section. Jyothi is a volunteer in the education sector and considers herself a part-time full timer at YFS.

Spend your vacation meaningfully

If you are a student on a semester break or you are a professioal wanting to contribute to the society, you can sign up for Seva Vacation (1 month) or for Seva Fellowship (6 months)   and volunteer in an area of your interest. To register, click here

India Positive
Watch stories of common men and women do extraordinary things. Very inspiring stories!
Story Of Change
About Savitha Bhats act of getting a boy from NFS readmission to school

Have you ever had a role model you looked up to? A person in your life who inspired you to dream big and see a bright future for yourself? These role models play a significant role in all our lives, and we strive to be like them.
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