Monthly Newsletter:March 2014
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NFS School visit to Planetarium and Cubbon park

Friday, April 11th, 2014 It was a bright Saturday morning on the 8th of March. All the children from our school i.e., from Poorna Pragna Non-Formal school were very excited and had gathered our regular school premises. We had planned to take them for a picnic to Cubbon Park and the Planetarium. We started off on our bus journey at 9:45 AM. Children were all screaming with joy in the bus and enjoying themselves.
Yuva Chetana program & awards

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 Share All the awardees gathered at the stage All the awardees gathered at the stage On 26th January 2014,Youth for Seva, set off on this journey called Warriors of Change-Beacons of hope for a better tomorrow to identify and appreciate College students in Bangalore who are doing their bit for the society.We reached out to around 200 colleges in Bangalore through this campaign to invite nominations from students.
Ugadi celebrations in Kidwai and Balbhavan
 Youth for Seva celebrated Ugadi with a difference. Volunteers of Youth for Seva were a part of Ugadi Celebrations at the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology at Dairy Circle. The target were the Govt Remand Homes for Children, Women and also the Cancer patients. Volunteers spread some joy and were received even more joy on this day.
Any special activity with Partner NGOs
This month we highlight 2 partner NGO Events. Spot Fixing by at Whitefield, and Watering plants activity at Shivanahalli, Ram Krishna Ashram.
Summer camp
Youth for Seva also conducted a workshop for all volunteers on 22nd & 23rd March . Here is an interesting experience , which on of our volunteers Anup Kumar shared with us .. 

Volunteer Spotlight

About Harshita
Jyothi teaching children at a school

This month we have a chat with Mrs. Harshitha S in the Volunteer Spotlight section. Harshitha is a volunteer in the education sector and makes sure seva is the first thing she does every morning.

Inspirational video

Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you can give.
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