Gandhi jayanthi 2018

Mahatma Gandhi has left an indelible mark on Indian history and culture. He played an instrumental role in making our nation what it is today, and making our people who we are today. Our Father of the Nation served as a role model, a father figure, a teacher, a leader, a revolutionary and an influence well past his life time. We stand to learn a great deal from the life and times of Mahatma Gandhiji even now, just as much as we did when he was still with us. 

On October 2nd 2018, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Youth for Seva held an event at Thayimane. Over 20 volunteers participated, and interacted with around 120 students. The event commenced at 8 AM, when the volunteers and students shared their breakfast together and bonded. Following this, there was a formal function, highlighting the importance and relevance of Gandhi Jayanti – not only to us as a people, but also to us as individuals.

Gandhiji taught us many important values, not the least of which was the necessity of cleanliness. It is because of this fact that one of the volunteers addressed the gathering and spoke to them about Gandhi Jayanti, as well as the SwacchataAbhiyaan.

Following this, another volunteer proceeded to talk about SwacchaBharath, its relevance, and our role in the same.

It is important to instil in children from a very young age itself an understanding of the importance keeping their surroundings and themselves clean. In order for this to have a lasting impression upon them, the theory behind it must be explained succinctly, and thereafter followed up with practical execution. In this way, we ensure that they also experience a feeling of accountability at the micro level, and understand that they too have a role to play in the larger scheme of things.  Following this line of thought, the children and volunteers were divided into 10 teams after the formal function. These teams all enthusiastically helped clean their campus and the surrounding area.

No event is complete without its fair share of fun and entertainment. After the teams had completed their cleaning activities, the volunteers conducted some fun games and light hearted activities for the children. After playing with them and bonding with them, all the participants – volunteers and children alike – had their lunch together, wrapping up the day’s events on a happy note.

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