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COVID-19 Homecare kit distribution

across the country. 

With the mission to provide the basic Covid-19 appropriate Home care Kit for patients who have been advised to undergo home lazaretto with focus on patients from economically challenged backgrounds  Youth For Seva ..read more


SURYATHON - An event to support Vidyachetana Aalamban Project

Youth For Seva in association with LifeCykul invites you to take part in Suryathon as part of International Day of Yoga and support to educate and empower the future of children who lost their one of their parents to COVID Pandemic through Vidyachetana Aalamban Project. Read more..

Sign up at cykul.com/suryathon. Use special code ‘SURYA21’ to enter special goodie raffles. 

To know more about this cause Click here

COVID-19 Isolation Center and mobile COVID care

Our health care infrastructure has been overwhelmed with the large number of COVID cases. Youth For Seva in association with Sewa International, and Seva Bharati has taken up two major projects to make medical support accessible for the patient from rural and underprivilege sectors. Read more..

Annadaan at Bangalore in association with Adamya Chetana and Chefs-à-Porter 

When the capital city of Karnataka suffered with COVID numbers rising every day, the strain on healthcare workers has been immense. Lockdown had forced closure of Hotels and Catering services, leaving Hospitals alone, to provide food to large numbers.

With the generous support of dedicated team of Chefs, Volunteers and Donors, Chefs-à-Porter in partnership with Youth for Seva (YFS) and Adamya Chetana distributed fresh 5000 cooked meals daily during this lockdown period. We are glad we crossed our aim to to supply 75,000 hot meals and extended the program for a period of 1 month.

Adamya Chetana is a voluntary organization whose Green Kitchen has been serving mid-day meals to over 1,50,000 school children every day since 2003.

Knowing that the secret of Abundance is in Giving, Tät Eats Hospitality Pvt Ltd, is championing Chefs through its global initiative Chefs-à-Porter. Our mission is to actively engage with individuals, private and civil society to empower and enrich through food. We are fully invested in democratizing the business of food through our Conscious Dining Experiences.

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