The second wave of COVID has left families stranded and on the brink of collapse. Losing a parent is a major setback. Quite often than not the lack of financial support pushes children to lose their access to education. This can severely affect their career prospects and reduce the chances to gain employment. They need our support now more than ever.

To address this, Youth For Seva in collaboration with Indica Yoga and LifeCykul, a digital application has planned a novel celebration for this year's International Day of Yoga.

Suryathon, a virtual activity hosted on Lifecykul, has been co-created to motivate people to practice Surya Namaskar from the comfort of their homes. The app brings simple instructions and options like practicing Surya Namaskar with or without mantras. It is also possible to track the number of people from the world and their participating score, thus making Suryathon a community-based & enjoyable activity.

The proceedings of this event goes to Youth For Seva to support Vidyachetana Aalambana project through which we will support the children who have lost one of their parents during COVID Pandemic. Suryathon makes it possible to take this message to millions of people from across the world. 

 What is Suryathon?

How to Register and participate?

 How to form Teams?

For more information on Suryathon, you can visit Lifecykul at:

Registration Link:

To participate, please follow the steps:

Step 1 - Download the LifeCykul App Here or from google play store

Step 2 - Sign up with your Mobile Number.

Step 3 - Click on the Suryathon Card and "TAP" to Register

Step 4 – Under “Leagues”, select SURYATHON tile and START



Tejaswi Surya,  MP. Bengaluru South

Punit Rajkumar, Indian Film Actor

Pranitha Subhash, Indian Film Actor

Swami Ramdev, Yoga Guru




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