About Fellowship

What is Change Agent Fellowship?

Change Agent Fellowship (CAF) is one such opportunity for all those volunteers who want to be a leader.It is a unique fellowship for all those who always wanted to make a difference. Youth For Seva believes that a change agent can be anyone who wants to create an impact around them and be the catalyst for change. Therefore this is ideal for college students, working professionals and home makers. Take ownership for a time bound project and work towards it. The time period depends on the project so there is no particular time frame for this fellowship except for a minimum of 3 months.

Who can apply for CAF?

There is only one criteria for this fellowship and that is you must have volunteered for atleast 50 hours and/or 6 months in the last two years.

What project to take up?

You can propose your own idea or take up a one from our IDEA BANK which we have listed out. You can also work on an idea or a cause that you already have been working on in a small way.

What does CAF offer?
  • Provides training focused on Volunteer development
  • Mentorship from experienced leaders
  • Inspiring enrichment sessions
  • Workshops or programs on Fund raising strategies
  • There is no stipend for this fellowship, however based on the project seed funding may be provided.
What do you learn through CAF?
  • Greater self-awareness on your capabilities.
  • Experience the power of Collaboration
  • Broaden your perspective on social sector
  • Understand the ground reality
  • Ability to lead others
  • Ownership and responsibility
When should you start?

We have our Induction program this April 2018. All the other details will be announced to the fellows.



 For any other queries on CAF –
Darshini Lakshman – 7022984616

Idea Bank

We have a few ideas for you. These are workable projects but not just ideas. We believe this is the need of the hour. Few projects here are exclusively run by YOUTH FOR SEVA. Call us if you want to know more about any of this idea.


Submit Your Ideas

So even if you can’t take up the fellowship for now but want to be us in the journey of creating Change, then share your idea with us. Submit the form with few details about your idea. If you want us to know more about your idea and if you already have a plan then we will call you back. Your idea will be featured in our IDEA BANK for our fellows to choose a project for fellowship.

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