August 2018-Volunteer Engagement with Partner NGOs

This August , the volunteers at YFS contributed to the below events conducted by our partner NGO’s.

Yoga for Visually Challenged – YFS volunteer was connected to Premanjali,an organization for Visually challenged to teach Suryanamaskara and Pranayama to the inmates.

Annual Report for Manonandana – YFS volunteer assisted the Manonandana trust in designing their NGO Annual report .

Flyer design and Content writing for Partner NGOs-YFS volunteers supported few NGOs by designing flyers for their events and assisted them with content writing for their website updation.

Kidwai Satsang and Food distribution – A Satsang, accompanied by food distribution was conducted for the patients and their care takers at the Kidwai Cancer Institute. The whole idea was to create a more positive environment, and bring a smile to the face of the people who deserve it the most. YFS volunteers supported in crowd management,food and cloth distribution.The student volunteers also performed few cultural events for the inmates.

Finger chats by Enable India – An event to spread awareness about the need of learning sign language by including games based on sign language and hearing impairments.

Inclupedence Day & Freedom Fest by Enable India -Community Initiatives of Enable India in Collaboration with Namma Metro hosted the inclusive independence day celebration in Bangalore – Inclupendence Carnival.Volunteers from YFS assisted in registering Participants, Decorating the Venue, Mobilising People, Distributing Water and Snacks,  organizing Games, Dance, Silent National Anthem and setting up Blind Simulation Room.

Parental Guidance by Full circle- Parental guidance workshop on “Managing emotions and stress in adolescents” by renowned pshycotherapist Padamashri Rao was organized by Full circle in collaboration with YFS.The informative session was attended by parents of the underprivileged where the speaker emphasized the importance of positive parenting.Volunteers supported in  managing the registration desk and stage management .

Deaf cricket event by Enable India- Deaf cricket is a sports event where persons with and without Hearing impairment engage in fun game of cricket thus, building sportsmanship and inclusion.Volunteers were engaged in playing cricket along with handling registrations and co-ordination activities.A team of volunteres participated in nthe cricket Tournament.

E-waste awareness and Collection drive by ENSYDE- E-waste being very hazardous , the disposal of the same must be done  very cautiously. Group of volunteers who did  door to door e-waste awareness and collection @JP ngr. Along with the collection,they gave the information of availability of e-waste bins at Bangalore one centres,post offices and different collection points.

Support to Ashankura Trust- Volunteers assisting in conducting  Sports  activity as part of the weekly engagement for the differentlyabled at Ashankura Trust.

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