Change in society needs to come from the grass root level

YFS Mrs. Shobha

Mrs. Shobha has been involved with YFS for the last 1.5 years. She was a Political Science teacher in a Delhi school for almost 28 years. She moved to Bangalore in 2013 along with her husband, due to his health issues.

After her husband’s sad demise in 2014, she was introduced to YFS by Paranjyothi, her relative and an active YFS member. Mrs. Shobha has been proactive in teaching spoken English to 4th standard kids at a Government School in Jakkur. She visits the school twice a week, i.e. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The classes are scheduled post school hours at around 1.30 -2.30 pm. Her activities include teaching basic conversation skills, improving vocabulary etc.

She believes in the impact of visual learning, and hence implements the same while interacting with these kids. All her sessions include a story session, where she shows the kids a story on her laptop and further asks them questions about the same. The grasping power of her students always amazes her for they are always quick to answer, despite their lack of command over the language.

Talking about the importance of conversation skills, Mrs. Shobha told that she makes it a point to have a unique group discussion session, where the entire class is divided into two groups, and students from both the groups converse in English and their mistakes are corrected, which improves their understanding.

“The change in society needs to come from the grass root level” and this is what Mrs. Shobha believes in. She said spending time with these kids has also brought up a lot of issues that the society faces to her focus, which she has been quite vocal about. Additionally, she is also involved with The Rakam Blind School in Indiranagar, where she visits often to understand the problems these underprivileged kids face. She has been quite proactive in bringing to light the plight of this organization too.

Mrs. Shobha raised quite a few concerns about the curriculum being followed in these schools and wishes to suggest few areas of improvement for the same. Recalling one of her experiences, she shared how a kid has always been able to deliver good speeches in the school events and assemblies, owing to his learning skills. She pointed out that though, his understanding of grammar and meaning was not great, but managed to pull it out quite well, stressing on the imperativeness of good textbooks and better syllabus for such kids.

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