Chiguru 2019 – Hyderabad

Chiguru which translates to “budding” is a flagship initiative by Youth for Seva. It provides a strong and unique platform for students from Government schools to showcase their inbuilt talents in the field of academics, sports and arts. YFS believes that every child has a unique inbuilt talent which cannot be taught, it can only be awakened. Chiguru also provides meaningful volunteering opportunity to individuals igniting a sense of empathy & individual social responsibility among the volunteers.

YFS Chiguru 2018 Hyderabad


Highlights of the Event

  • 3500 Children
  • 150 Government schools and slums and 93 buses for transportation.
  • 1000  Volunteers from 23 Corporates and 5 Colleges
  • 15 Competitions in 3 different categories – Educational, Cultural and Sports
  • 135 Prizes
  •  3000 kids had lunch as ‘Pankti bhojan’ at one go served by 500 volunteer

Impact on kids

  • Chiguru provides the rare platform to Government school children to overcome their stage-fear and build confidence.
  • It is an event where about 3500 children share one ground to interact, share knowledge and build healthy team spirit.
  • Self-Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it – is the message that goes out loud.

Impact on Volunteers

  • Volunteers spend their time, share knowledge, help in improving skills while they take back a true experience of the joy in giving.
  • Chiguru is a great platform for volunteers to understand the importance of being empathetic, considerate and supportive towards the under-privileged sections of the society.


More pictures of the event here: Chiguru 2018 Hyderabad 2.0 on Facebook

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