On the eve of Ganesha Chathurthi, the festival that feasts in the name of Lord Ganesha, YFS organized a joyful event for making Clay Ganeshaeffigies. This event was organized with regular volunteers in Yelahanka, Gandhinagar, and Mahadevapura. Besides this, the YFS volunteers also conducted workshops on making clay models of Ganesha in colleges and corporate houses.   

 The event was made an inclusive one, so the delight could be shared with participants of all age groups. In Yelahanka, there were 47 participants, with trainer Pavitra and Coordinator Shilpa. In Mahadevapura, there were 35 participants, with trainer Aashika and coordinator Vinod. In Gandhibazaar where the event was held at DVG road between 3.30 to 4.30 PM, there were 120 participants, with trainer Mrs. Soumya and coordinator Anuradha. The trainers effectively coordinated the events, ensuring the event went on in an organized fashion, free of disruption.

In extension to this event, YFS volunteers conducted workshops in  BMSCE, SRN Adarsha College and NMKRV colleges  and xyz and xyz companies. Some of the companies they conducted the workshops in included xyz, xyz and xyz. At 3 colleges, about 800 individuals participated. There were 60 participants in Adobe company and 30 participants in Borderless Access Company. This initiation by YFS volunteers brought out the artistic spirit and filled the environment with zeal and enthusiasm. Most of the participants found it exciting and refreshing.

The events and workshops commenced with a welcome speech and a devotional song. The events experienced immense fervour from all participants at their creative best. The event with its fulfilling spirit concluded with thanksgiving.

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