Youth for Seva’s strong focus is on encouraging college students to volunteer, and continue doing so beyond their campus presence. Volunteers get to choose how they want to spend their time through a variety of interesting projects on offer.


  • To sensitize college students in becoming positive change agents in the society.
  • To establish a working relationship with college management to facilitate a sustainable volunteering model for students.
  • To initiate YFS clubs in colleges where there are no community service clubs. To collaborate with existing social initiative clubs in others.
  • To identify and groom student coordinators to organize activities in colleges.
  • To facilitate a system which can utilize mass of student volunteers and not merely individuals interested in volunteering.
  • To set a Trend and make volunteering a culture among youth.

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Categories of College Engagements

Short Term Internship  – College students who can volunteer every day for more than one month.

Long Term Internship – For Students who can contribute more than 3 months time for various projects in Youth for Seva.

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