Continuity in community service does bring impact

Mrs Archana Sanjay, a psychology graduate and a homemaker by choice has been teaching spoken english in a government high school.

For Mrs. Archana, decision to get into social work was not based on a single incident but a well thought out decision arrived at after observing the society over a period of time.

Having seen a huge difference in the quality of education which a middle / upper class parents could give to their children due to their economic prosperity and the deprivation which the children of economically poor parents had to suffer made her feel that we are creating an imbalanced society. She says “It is very
easy to coin slogans that “Young kids are tomorrows torch bearers” forgetting the fact that society is not contributing to build equal educational opportunities at the school level.”

She is part of Youth for Seva for 2 years and has been entrusted with teaching Spoken English to students at the Basavanagudi Government School.
Kids have seen exceptional improvements at teaching levels because of her teaching.
On asking about how she does it, she says “As children learn better through games and puzzles, her classes are always activity based.” She has also started General knowledge classes as GK is not a part of their curriculum and their knowledge is sparse in this area.

Her biggest challenge has been to instill the importance of education and spoken english in the minds of the students and she keeps on trying various ways to show that education opens the door to a whole world of new opportunities.

Her message to the society is to call out to every single person irrespective of age group to contribute their might in their own small way to make the society a better place to live .There are many avenues available to contribute and volunteer.


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