We should create a society where we ourselves want to live

“If someone wants to learn, he can even learn from a dog’s fight’: Anonymous
Truly said, if someone has the seed within, it just needs a reason to turn itself into a fully blossomed tree.

This is the story of our this month’s star volunteer Mr. Syed Rizwan for whom a small meeting with a motivational speaker turned out to be a life changing experience.

Mr. Syed Rizwan, is pursuing 3rd year mechanical from Vijaywada. His father, Mr.Nasier Ahmed is a lorry driver and mother,Nasreen sulthana is a social worker.

Syed has contributed in a lot of events like school kit drive, bala sabha, distributing food/clothes, participating in Swachh Bharat etc. Such kind of work gives him immense satisfaction.

He says that ,”each and every work that I do is not by my own. It is just God’s selection for helping the needy people through me”.

We easily come across all such testaments very often, but it is difficult to imbibe it within oneself to work towards the higher cause which Mr. Syed is doing.

Some of the challenges that he usually comes across are like getting permission for conducting programmes , financial challenges, getting support from parents etc. But where there is a will, there is a way and these obstacles also get settled down and things keep on moving.

The message that he would like to give away is “We should create a society where we ourselves want to live. For that, we should work hard to create awareness in the uneducated people about the transformation of the society and help them in accepting the change”

The world needs such young minds with a great urge for selfless service and commitment. We wish Syed all the best in his future endeavours. May God keep on choosing you to get the needful done.

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