Navratri is a time to celebrate and experience an enhanced sense of community. Fully embracing this, Youth for Seva organised a Durga Puja and Dandiya Night in Malleshwaram on 13th October, 2018. Over 40 volunteers participated in the festivities, involving and engaging with 33 children from the orphanage.
The venue was lit up beautifully and covered with decorations, entrancing everyone the minute they walked in. The event commenced with a formal function. During the Kanya Puja, the children of the orphanage were gifted with new clothes, chapals,necklace, earings, bindis and bangles, which really made their day.
It also made the event that much more special to everyone present. A Maha Prasad was also organised, and many participants brought sweet for the neyveydyam.
Dinner was organised for all the participants, as the festivities and celebrations continued.
The highlight of the event for many was the Garba music and the Dandiya Night that
followed, with everyone dressed up in their ethnic best and dancing their absolute hearts out on the dance floor. Whether they enjoyed the tradition garba steps of sanedo, or if they were more inclined towards Bollywood moves or just broke loose and brought their best improvised steps, there was no lack of smiles and laughter as the nights progressed.
As the night came to a reluctant end, the air was filled with happy hearts and a feeling of belonging. With overwhelming feedback from participants, volunteers and children alike, we are happy to call the event a whooping success. It truly did send home the message it intended to: there is always a way to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.
Please feel free to give us your feedbacks over any changes or improvements.
Thank you.
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