Doctors at school programme (Part 2)

 12 – Pavithra – Physical and Mental Health (2012-13 )

Pavitra aged 12 yrs of  6th Std from Sanegoruvanahalli Govt School  was identified with physical & mental health issues through our Dr@School program. She was regularly given  counseling  involving her parents by Volunteers.

Today Pavitra has really  transformed  into an independent & confident young woman able to handle herself and her family through our persistent counseling and follow-ups

13-Shyamala (2016-17)

Shyamala aged 20 years is visually impaired girl studying in PUC and staying in a hostel.

Mother works as a cleaner in a school. Father has left the family. In one of the health camp by Apollo Health Care, this girl was diagonised with High Diabetics , Hypothyroidism and UTI. They  approached us for sustainability of the treatment  like  regular support of Insulin and counseling through our network of doctors.

Initially  we  connected her to Dada Amar charitable trust for medications through our network in  Bangalore diabetic hospital. But it did not stop here, Shyamala was  suffering from severe white discharge with bad odour and due to which the hostel warden was refusing to keep her in the hostel. Also someone had to assist her for insulin shots as she is blind.

Our DFS Doctor –Gynecology specialist was ready to see her and help out the medical condition

Accordingly she was brought to the clinic by a volunteer and her mother . After a detailed examination and tests, doctor advised and assured to bring her sugar levels under control with tablets and stopped insulin. Now it is more than 4 months and under the guidance of our DFS Doctor, her sugar levels are very much under control and has overcome other medical issues. She is taken regularly to the doctor.

This particular case through multiple way of support has made this possible. We have approached a Blind organization  and they have agreed to provide shelter for shyamala

15 – Baby Deepthi –Hole in the Heart (2012-13)

While travelling in a Bus Mother Nisha aged 22 yrs  met YFS Volunteer and requested YFS to support for  treatment of 8  month old Baby Deepthi for Heart Surgery.

Her husband has left her. 

She was advised to visit Jayadeva Hospital and avail eligible facilities. With the support from Have a Heart Foundation, Baby Deepti was operated for hole in the heart. Family had to pay some amount for the treatment and the same was supported by individual donors.

16 – Nivedita- Hearing Loss – (2013-14)

Nivedita , aged 6 yrs  of 1 std, from Marenahalli Govt School had profound hearing loss . Parents hailed from Bijapur. They shifted to Bangalore  for the sake of their daughter who by birth was hard of hearing . Father works as  security guard and mother works as a cook.

Through  Government scheme, Hearing Aid Instrument  was made available with efforts of our volunteers and further guided by DFS Doctor- ENT specialist to approach an  Audiometrist in Chord Road Hospital.

Hearing about YFS voluntary work, Audiometrist fixed the Hearing Aid for the girl student waiving all charges. It was worth noticing the expression of the child jumping to happiness after hearing sound for the first time.

Mother of the child regularly updates about the improvement in speech co-ordination.

17 – Dhanush-Urinary Bladder (2013-14)

Dhanush aged  10 year old –  in 4th std of Hosahalli Govt School. He had the problem of  leakage of urine without control from Urinary Bladder which was noticed and advised by DFS Doctor to take him to Sanjay Gandhi Children Hospital. Was followed by volunteer with parents for regular visit to hospital and was normal after taking  medication for 2 months.

18- Madhu P – Correction of hole in ear (2015-16)

Madhu aged 15 years of 9th Std from Govt School, Bhuvaneswarinagar, Magadi Road. Father works as coolie and mother is mentally unsound.

Grandmother takes care of the family. Madhu has hole in the ear sincechildhood and which would have eventually resulted in Hearing Loss.Was operated in BGS Hospital for correction of the hole and doing is well now. Thanks to BGS Hospital for doing surgery at no cost.

19 – Varsha – Support to women and child (2015-16)

Varsha aged 9 yrs  of 5th Std is quite bright in her studies .  Mother aged 35 years is a Heart Patient  suffering CHD which was noticed during delivery . Her husband  a security guard has left the family 2 years back.  She is unable to do any work to support her family financially. She cannot do any heavy work and gets tired walking few steps. No other regular income.

Varsha goes to a nearby private school as the Government School is little far away from the house and mother cannot afford for transportation.  Her education for a year has been supported by Vidya Chetana and Individual Sponsors . Some concession was given by the school authorities after we approached them.

Varsha for her education and mother for regular heart medicines has been supported by many hands together. This has been possible by volunteers continuously following it up.


Latest- ongoing

20– Siri – Heart Transplant ( 2016-17)

Last year in July 2016,  girl child Siri aged 9  years was studying

in 4th Std in Kundapur. Was complaining with symptoms of choking  and breathlessness. She was taken to Manipal Hospital in Manipal and was  diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy & Heart Failure.

For few months she was being treated with medicines but since there was no improvement in the heart condition, parents were given assurance that Siri  will need Heart Transplant as medical solution. She had 3 attacks in 6 months . Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital has registered her name in the  emergency list for Heart donor.

Family Background- Mr Jagadish and Mrs Savitha have 2 daughters -Sini and Siri.

Father works as an Assistant in Court, Karkala. Siri is always smiling, Very good in academics and cultural activities.

Estimated cost of Heart Transplant-  Rs.15.00 lacs of which 50 % has to be deposited once donor is identified. Father has also collected around 6.50 lacs through various sources and approached  YFS for seeking balance  medical support. We in turn through Doctors network made an appeal to PG Care Foundation [ NGO by a group of Doctors] for financial  support to Patient- Siri for the medical treatment.

PG Care Foundation is doing an excellent work by giving support to needy children with medical issues. They have already raised  Rs.1.20 lacs for this child and has further  assured to raise funds to the maximum capacity once the Heart donor is identified and operation date is fixed.

Siri is waiting for the new heart and let us pray for her.

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