The experience gained at YFS was invaluable

Tejaswi Lanka, an Engineering graduate, began his volunteering with Youth for Seva in 2011 December.

As an engineering student, he had heard about Teach For India from a senior and was inclined to join it; but he decided not to  take it up immediately out of college. Instead he chose to spend some time as a part time volunteer with YFS in the Malleshwaram cluster.

In his initial days at YFS, he was impressed with the clarity and dedication with which the volunteers of YFS involved themselves in community service. Full time volunteers/coordinators Channa Basava, Sriram, Anand and Vidhya had left their full-time well-paying jobs to pursue to work in the social sector and this inspired him.

After completing his engineering, Tejaswi decided to work in the role of an area coordinator in the Malleshwaram cluster.  He took up the role as a part time volunteer and managed a day job simultaneously. In the role, he conducted orientations, interacted with volunteers, mapped them to activities of their interest , all the while striving to motivate and help out other volunteers just as he had received help when he had joined as a new volunteer.

The turning point came during Chiguru 2013. Tejaswi Coordinated volunteers from 12 different schools in Malleshwaram. It was a heavy task helping volunteers overcome the challenges they faced at their schools. The volunteers had to be kept motivated in order to help the children work hard and strive to win in the competitions at Chiguru. However all the effort paid off.   Watching the children from these schools winning several prizes at Chiguru gave him a great sense of accomplishment. He describes chiguru as the most memorable experience at his stint with YFS.

Tejaswi’s impact does not end here. He is now a full time volunteer at Teach for India, Hyderabad, where he teaches at the Govt. school at Amberpet. “The experience gained at YFS, was invaluable in helping me at TFI. As an area coordinator, I developed leadership potential and a sense of commitment. ” he says.

Further on, Tejaswi hopes to get himself involved in the big picture of the social sector. He would like to involve in the administrative side, and design policies to bring about a systemic change.

Youth For Seva - tejaswi

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