Gift a Tree on a Birthday


Volunteer Amarnath from Wells Fargo, who co-ordinates Green Clubs in schools, started gifting saplings to children on their birthdays, to promote the green cause.

He shares his experiences:

While I was interacting with kids as part of environment classes a thought came into my mind that why can’t we take environment to their daily life. This will make kids more interesting and develop more responsibility towards environment.

Immediate question I got is how I can take it to their personal life. One day while I was with kids this idea of “Gift A Tree for Birthday” flashed in mind and without any delay I collected every kids birthday and noted down.

This idea took action on 26-Mar-2012 when the 4th class kid “Sushma” of Izzatnagar was celebrating her birthday & I visited the school on same day and gifted her Rose tree & told her that it’s your tree & you have to take care of it.

Next time when I visited the school principal told me that Sushma was very happy on her birthday & it has made impact on other kids also. I have visited twice to the kids home after I have gifted her tree to check how she is taking care of it. At this time I got the opportunity to meet there family and I was surprised to see how this small initiation made their family also so happy. Along with me other kids also came and I have seen how much impact it has made. Each and every kid interest has increased a lot.

Sushma has offered 1st rose to god and 2nd to her teacher. When I got this idea of gifting a tree I thought it may not have much impact but when I have seen how much impact this has made & increased the interest of kids I was really surprised and this has made indirect impact on kids family members.

Long way to go for me………


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