April 2018 – Volunteer engagements with Partner NGOs

We are proud to share many events which we took part and made it a fruitful one. Only and only with our ever-energetic volunteers and helpful hands which joined us as a Partner N.G.O’s. Here is a list of the quick note of the same.

Meraki NGO opportunity was looked up by Arkesh one of the volunteers who were with Srirampura children for the celebration of the same.

Mrs. Anasuya Kashy was connected as a counselor to Ashraya Seva trust for group counseling of the members.

Our volunteers Chitra and Ashwini took part in the Audio recording of books which was done offline for “Premanjali Trust”.


It was Manohar in Vijayanagar and Amulya in Girinagar who were the part of N.R colony Medicine distribution programme for free homeo clinic along with our partner N.G.O of Kotak Mahindra Retired officers association.

YFS with ENSYDE had an “E-Awareness Camp” at Indira Nagar club where six of our volunteers took part in the event and also put up e-waste awareness camp stall. We look forward to Eram Khan, Ashish, Bhaskar, Vijay, and Sneha for your active participation in future events.

Hanumathon – Which was lead by 4 volunteers and Srinivas as the lead to the group with the partner NGO being “Uttista Bharatha”. The event had many sportive events like the marathon, cyclathon where our volunteers helped in the registration of the participants control the traffic for the smooth functioning of the event, excelled in crowd management and helped the participants by providing water at many scheduled water points.

Shyam and his friend volunteered to conduct summer camp at Kodichikkanahalli near Bommanahalli for students to make their summer holidays useful and fruitful.

Enable India had conducted “Finger Chat” an event which is also a community initiative to enable India to spread sign language awareness to all so that we understand the deaf culture. 10 of our volunteers took part in the event and enjoyed to be a part of a new world of deaf and their culture. We look forward to Anushri, Eshwari, Kiran, Srinivas Niveditha Mohan, Mallaishwari, Namitha, Prajwal, Raghunath, Surichi, Priyanka, Priya and Monisha for their support in future events.


Our YFS volunteer Monisha and Sunil Kumar helped people of “Sri Sai Seva Trust” in drafting emails to the trustees and other documentation.

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