July 2018-Volunteer Engagement at Partner NGOs

We at Youth For Seva believe that “Together” we can make a difference. This July apart from teaching English, Mathematics, arts and story to the children, the volunteers at YFS contributed to the below events conducted by our partner NGO’.

95 volunteers were engaged across 9 NGOs in the month of July .

  1. RTI workshop by Volunteer For Cause – Spreading awareness about the “Right to Information” that every citizen of our country should YFS Volunteers attended the informative session.
  2. Know Your Heroes by Volunteer For Cause – Spreading awareness about the unsung and brave heroes of our nation, so that we pass on the same zeal to the bright and young minds we work with. YFS Volunteers attended the session
  3. Kidwai Satsang and Food distribution by Swami Vivekananda Bharatha Pratishthana – A Satsang, accompanied by food distribution was conducted for the patients and their care takers at the Kidwai Cancer Institute. The whole idea was to create a more positive environment, and bring a smile to the face of the people who deserve it the most.The volunteers also took up th initiative of supporting the painting event for padeatric patients.
  4. Blind movie screening by enable India – An awareness drive, followed by an interactive session on the need of the inclusion of persons with disability in movie screening.
  5. Sign Language event by Enable India – An awareness drive for the sign language on social media and the launch of a series of videos that may help people learn the sign language easily. The whole idea is to create a healthy society inclusive of people with disability.
  6. Volunteers supported Premanjali  in audio recording activities.
  7. Supported Yogabharathi by designing flyers for their event.
  8. Teaching yoga for Visually impaired by conducting classes at Premanjali organization for Blind.
  9. AIRD session – A workshop organized by AIRD Research center for the elderly/Senior citizens on the topic” FALL PREVENTION AMONG ELDERLY” followed by sessions by eminent Doctors across Bengaluru.Volunteers supported in the medical camp organized for the elders.
  10. Libready by VFC –An event to read the stories aloud and share the learnings with the young and vibrant minds of the child homes.
  11. Traffic awareness by VFC – An event to spread awareness about the road safety.
  12. Sign language games by VFC – An event to spread awareness about the need of learning sign language by including games based on sign language and hearing impairments.
  13. Clean up drive by YFP – An event to cleanup a garbage dumping yard and a urination corner in Cubbonpet.
  14. NammaKaaduHabba by YFP – A tree plantation drive in Turahalli Forest.
  15. Supported Joy of parenting session by Full circle – A session to spread awareness about good parenting and the joy associated with the same.
  16. Blind cricket with Enable India – An event to promote inclusion of people with disability in our society including sports.
  17. Fruit distribution and drawing activity at Indira gandhi institute of Mental health for paediatric division.Volunteer also gave a talk on Nuitritional food for children.As it marked the Birth Anniversary of Bal Gangadhar Tilak ,volunteers also spoke about the great personality.
  18. Vanamahotsava by Gopals – An event for Gou shala cleaning,  medicinal sapling plantation, and de-weeding activity,DHoopa preparations from Cow dung, Tree plantation activity.
  19. Meet the paws by VFC at Maruthi Shelter home – An event that involved walking the furriers, bathing and brushing, spraying medicines, mending the fence, weeding the place, and sanitizing the walls.
  20. Finger Chat by Enable India – An event to learn sign language in order to communicate with the deaf people and create an inclusive society.
  21. Inclupendence Day practice-Tandav by Smile Foundation in collaboration with Enable India, an Independence Day carnival involving dance and celebration of freedom.Volunteers participated for 3-4 weeks and gave a good performance on Independence day thereby showcasing the inclusive society.
  22. A session on Telescope and its principle of operation was conducted by Nikitha From SSERD for the Students of Sneha Seva Trust through Youth For Seva.
  23. Volunteers were engaged in content writing for SSERD NGO.
  24. Apart from supporting the events,Health Camps were conducted at multiple orphanages and old age homes by our volunteers.

Youth For Seva  contributed to all of the above events with the vision to continue our service to the society with a similar zeal and conviction. We believe in facilitating a movement of volunteering and empowering individuals to become positive change agents in the society. Let us together make this world a better place to live in.

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