June 2018-Volunteer engagements with Partner NGOs

YFS volunteers and partner NGOs mutually had a privilege to engage with each other working towards social causes in various means. Several events that happened in June 2018 portrayed the same.
52 volunteers supported 10 events from 10 Partner NGOs during this month.

YFS volunteers attended the Satsang and the Food distribution at Kidwai Cancer Institute organised by Swami Vivekananda Shrestha Bharatha Prathisthana. In the  two-hours satsang, Ramakrishma Ashrama BHajan team  presented a sumptuous treat of devotional  music ,immensely pleasing the group.  This programme was a part of the monthly cultural programmes conducted @ Kidwai. After the Satsang , volunteers from Youth for Seva ,helped in the distribution of food to patients and their caretakers.

Finger chat of Enable India is an event,which is a community initiative of Enable India to spread sign language awareness to the society,so that we understand the deaf culture and promote the sense of inclusion.Volunteers were taught the basics of sign language .

The ENSYDE event focused on providing awareness session for students(around 350 children) of Sunkenahalli govt School on e-waste,ban on  single use plastic,followed by sapling plantation. It was a YFS co-ordinated the event.Primary and High school- around 350 children were involved

The  ENSYDE event focused on sensitizing people on e-waste, single use plastic and other environment related issues. The purpose was spreading awareness about responsible e-waste collection and recycling.It included activities such as- cloth bag painting, competitions, pledges and activities in support of environment awareness.

The  SAAHAS event centered on awareness on Single use plastic,waste segregation to the corporates @ RMZ campus.

Estha NGO was participated in the  stall @Texas Instruments  on account of  World Environment Day.

Our intern was connected to Sambhav Foundation.At Sambhav, the kids have conditions varying from Down syndrome to microcephaly to ADHD with seizures to cerebral palsy. The intern was in charge of a kid with cerebral palsy who had restricted movement in his leg, tremors and is a little slow in speech. The intern spent the day helping him with various activities like identification of Colors, puzzles and stringing together beads. Every class has a teacher, so along with looking after the kid intern also helped her out with the other children.

The volunteers supported ,Youth For Parivarthan in transforming an ugly and shady wall right opposite to the Ram Mandir Ground (Rajajinagar PU college)in Rajajinagar,which was cleaned and beautified by Team YFPin association with YFS.YFS assisted the activity by facilitating the volunteers.

The event by Meraki  was an opportunity to engage volunteers with children at Panathur Government School organized by Meraki. Various activities like painting, creating art forms, a small skit and birthday celebrations were conducted for children.The volunteers were fascinated to engage with these children in the activities and helping them throughout the activities.


The kids from Srirampuram free basic home were taken to Cubbon Park  as part of their picnic by Meraki.Games, art activities and music session were planned for the children.They were taken to Balbhavan and engaged in fun games and activities.

Volunteers have been connected to help Premanjali, with Documentation, audio recording of  the  books for the visually impaired students to help them take up their exams and come out with flying colours.

Volunteers participated in One Sign per Day event launch of Enable India,which  is a Community initiative of Enable India to spread sign language awareness to all over social media. It is a series of videos where Deaf teach sign language and those interested to learn can do so by simply subscribing to this channel.  Thus, by continuing to spread awareness, understanding the disability sector and volunteering we hope to build an inclusive nation of Change-makers.

The Blind Movie initiative By Enable India, purposed to create an awareness on inclusion of persons with disability by watching the movie blindfolded followed by an interactive session.The volunteers of Youth For Seva participated in the same .


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