Live Like KALAM

Why was this movement started?

Youth for Seva(YFS), at its core, is focused on creating self sustaining communities through an impactful and far reaching volunteering movement. In its course, we are confident the volunteering movement will give rise to positive change agents, and enable institutions to engage communities to deliver services and promote sustainable lifestyles.

In tandem with our ambitious objectives,YFS is proud to launch a movement called Live Like Kalam. Live Like Kalam is a conscious movement aimed at promoting and inspiring sustainable living among individuals of all ages and walks of life.

So, what is Live Like Kalam?

Live Like Kalam is a first of its kind sustainability focused value based movement that is aimed to inspire a lifestyle change among the masses. We hope this lifestyle change initiative make people aware of the problems in their existing lifestyles and hopefully convince them to make a change towards a sustainable and a better one.

YFS drew tremendous inspiration upon our honourable former president Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, a man who had the entire nation behind him and was loved by all for his simplicity and ability to inspire. After several deliberations and debates with remarkable intellects across fields of knowledge, we handpicked nine values  which we felt struck the perfect blend between sustainability and an emulation of Dr Kalam’s life.

This virtual and on-ground movement will revolve around these nine values for a span of one year and we hope to bring together remarkable achievers from unique diverse paths of lives who emulate any of these values one way or the other.

How will this movement work?

This movement is largely fuelled by the involvement of Youth for Seva volunteers, volunteers in society and individuals across all ages and groups. With this campaign, we hope to blur the line between age groups and enable every individual to contribute to this campaign in his or her own capacity.

 Step 1: Initiation by YFS

Every month, YFS will chose a value from the list of nine. This value will then be idealised and converted into a short, remarkably impactful 100-120 second video by some of best minds and artists working in the film and performing arts industry. This video, uploaded on social media handles of YFS, aired on TV or at public places will represent YFS’s take on this value and our interpretation of the sustainability aspect

Step 2: Your Move

We hope that this concept video will  plant a seed of thought in your mind regarding how best you can apply this value in your life. It can be a small change in your outlook on life or on other people, transforming into a new leaf, doing something for society etc.  To motivate other people to follow suit, you then share your story of change through social media with a form of expression you’re  most comfortable with(video, blog, a post etc). This shared post should be accompanied with the hashtag #LiveLikeKalam.

Step 3: YFS Follows Through

YFS publishes new content in the form of videos, articles, interviews etc of people in society who lead their lives around any of theses values and shine light on their remarkable work and dedication in a bid to involve more individuals in the movement. This process goes on for a year and we hope to see transformed human beings at the end of it.

This is a dynamic movement which will continually inculcate ideas and inputs from volunteers to maintain the initial momentum of the campaign. On-ground volunteering opportunities will be organised to help volunteers contribute to the movement and information submitted by volunteers about remarkable change makers they know of will be used extensively to make the movement more engaging.

Anything else?

YFS, for the past 10 years, has selfless individuals at its helm who manage a vast portfolio of activities in health, education, environment and differently abled. We strongly hope that Live Like Kalam will spur volunteer involvement in YFS initiatives and also seamlessly integrate with current YFS activities and lay the foundation for a community of selfless individuals. Through this movement, we are also committed to further the legacy of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and hope to etch his achievements and contribution toward the development of this country in the minds of younger generations.

Here’s to hoping that Youth for Seva furthers Dr. Kalam’s legacy and galvanises a lifestyle change among people.

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