May 2018-YFS volunteer engagements at Partner NGOs

On May 10th,2018, Youth For Seva hosted a half-day workshop entitled “The Art of writing an Annual Report for and NGO”. The workshop was presented by Swathi Ram, National Coordinator, Youth For Seva.The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a variety of NGOs to learn about the art of writing an attractive, comprehensive, appealing annual report. The session consisted of discussions on the contents of an Annual report, marketing the cause, showcase of partners and donors, distribution of the Annual report and so on.

Youth For Seva Volunteer supported Partner NGO events:

Kidwai Satsang and Food distribution

On May 6th,2018, a Satsang was conducted in Kidwai Cancer Institute by Swami Vivekananda Shrestha Bharatha. Representatives from Ramakrishna Ashram taught bhajans to the patients, their caretakers and volunteers alike for about an hour,which filled the place with positive energy. This event is conducted on first Sunday of every month as an attempt to help the patients in their Spiritual journey. After the satsang, volunteers from Youth for Seva and other NGOs helped in the distribution of food,fruits,milk  and clothes to  the patients and their caretakers.

Finger chats:

The biggest challenge that the deaf community faces in India today is that of communication.

Fingerchats is an initiative of Enable India to create inclusion of deaf citizens into mainstream society. They conduct weekly or monthly workshops where they teach hearing people how to sign to communicate with the deaf and also understand the deaf culture. Volunteers learn the basics of communication with deaf people,thereby supporting the idea of inclusive society.

Parental guidance workshop:

Full Circle in association with Youth for Seva conducted a seminar on parental guidance on May 27th,2018. The seminar was presented by Dr. Madhusudana Rao, an expert in parental guidance and adolescence. This seminar was an attempt to address some of the common problems/issues related to upbringing adolescent kids which are mostly knowingly unknown, ignored or not paid much of attention, which leads to larger problem later. Many parents as well as volunteers took part in this seminar.


This is an NGO which supports visually impaired students in various aspects. Volunteers from YFS helped in recording books for visually impaired people who are sitting for various exams like railway exams, bank exams and so on.

Intern Engagement at NGOs:

Students who are taking up the Masters in Social Work course have to conduct community case studies  as part of their curriculum,where they interact with kids, study them, discern if they have any mental disturbances and so on. Such students of the MSW program go through NGO’s like Youth for Seva for their internship,where they are in turn connected to NGOs working with children.

Hasirudala-Buguri Summer Camp:

It was a two day  summer camp event conducted by Hasiru Dala, an organization that works for the betterment of informal waste pickers,  at Freedom park, Gandhi Nagar. A summer camp was conducted for such children which included a variety of  activities like art,desi games,music,dance,theatre workshop etc. The volunteers helped with registrations for such activities, helping in conduction of sessions, helping the children in activities and also distribution of food, snacks and gifts.

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