National Youth Day


‘That man is simply a wonder for oratorical power. He is an honor to humanity.’’  said William James, a psychology professor at Harvard. The world called him the  “Cyclonic monk from India”. “The greatest figure in the Parliament of the World’s Religion” wrote the American newspapers. His powerful words received a two-minute standing ovation from the crowd of seven thousand in The Parliament of the World’s Religions opened on 11 September 1893 at the Art Institute of Chicago. His wisdom and work to spread the message of “Divine unity of existence and unity in diversity. ” brought a youth moment across our nation.

Bowing down to Swami Vivekananda’s work for our Nation Youth For Seva celebrates his birth anniversary with “Abhih” movement, which means Fearless. Come let’s join your hand to volunteer for this Nationwide campaign “Be good and Do Good”

Download the Reference Materials Below:

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