Oct-YFS_ NGO workshop

Youth For Seva  had organized an NGO workshop titled “Corporate Engagement and CSR Projects”   on Oct 6th,2018 .

54 NGOs across Bangalore from different domains participated in the workshop ,with a total of 89 participants.

YFS_NGO workshop

The workshop was split into two folds, the  first being CSR engagement which  covered  information on CSR  Act, NGOs preparedness to approach Corporates,entry to corporates,engaging corporate volunteers and second being the art of writing a comprehensive project proposal .

Writing a clear, thorough and targeted project proposals being  very essential for an NGO’s success, the workshop focused on  the  NGOs preparedness to approach Corporates, skills of developing  a comprehensive project proposal by defining the project goals and objectives,designing project strategy,monitoring and reporting,risks , activities,milestones,tracking,reporting mechanism budgeting and other factors which are essential for a robust project .

The sessions were handled by Mr.Venkatesh Murthy,National Organizing Secretary,YFS and Mr.Keerthishankar,Director,Corporate Relations,YFS.

An interactive session on identifying the goals and objectives  specific to the NGOs was planned,where few NGOs could identify these and write a project proposal based on  it.

At the end of the workshop,the participants could,

-Analyse the objective  of the project and address it systematically.

-Develop a project design.

-Draw a detailed implementation plan.

-Write a comprehensive proposal with Budget.


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