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imagesAwake Vishwa Seva Foundation, based in Banashankari 2nd stage has a program called “Navacheetana” where they support girls who are blind with hostel facilities and education. For more information, visit


Rajiv, a YFS volunteer, coordinates with the foundation and connects scribes (volunteers can write exams on behalf of the student who is blind) to students. The students at Navacheetana will require scribes during their exams where the volunteer has to write the exam on the behalf of the student. Even though the exam is written by the scribe, the answers are owned by the students!


Recently, a few volunteers scribed for students and the exam results have been very good. Mr. Gurudas, Founder and President at Awake Foundation, shared the following:


“Namaste, we are very thankful for all the volunteers and YFS for the scribe service held last couple of weeks , we are glad to announce that with the great efforts of YFS volunteers the result for 1st p.u.c first term examination has been given a great news that Basavalingavva has been scored 1stplace in the class , Sangeetha and Ningamma has been scored 2nd and 3rd place throughout the class. Kudoos let us hope the same in the final examination too.”


Mouna, a volunteer who was a scribe shares:


“My friend Rajiv had posted this volunteering opportunity on fb and since I was free, I decided to be a scribe for a blind student. The 1st PU student was to take a Kannada exam. I spent about 3 hours as a scribe. I read out and question and explained the type if it was a multiple choice and the student dictated the answer and I wrote the answer. It was not difficult. We spend so much time in other things. This is a good opportunity to help out.”


Another volunteer, Venkatesh, shares, ““I scribe for my satisfaction”


For those who are interested in being a scribe, please send an email to

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