Sep 2018 -Volunteer Engagement with Partner NGOs

We at YFS believe in the ‘Joy of Giving’. This September, the volunteers at YFS contributed to the below events conducted by our partner NGO’s.

Krishna Janmashtami at Kidwai– Krishna Janmashtami also known as Krishnashtami, commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna,  is not just about offering prayers and fasting; it has some special activities associated with the celebrations.Janmashtami is the day Bal Krishna is worshipped or Krishna in his infant form is worshipped.On this day, 30 volunteers from YFS supported  Sri Swami Vivekananda  Prathisthana in dressing up 150 Paediatric patients  at Kidwai Memorial of Oncology to resemble little Krishnas & little Radhes  .These little children were taken on a procession in a chariot ,to bring in a feel good factor amongst them.

Krishna Janmashtami at ISKCON by Gopals –  Volunteers from YFS were involved  in  creating  an awareness on Gou  to the public on  the occassion of Krishna Janmasthami,where they  also assisted in introducing different breeds of Gau,taking care of feeding the cows,managing the stall and speaking  to the  public.

IOAF Trust launch –Volunteers assisted the team in the launch event of the Trust ,an inspiring  event,with chief guest, PadmaShree  awardee- Dr.   Malathi holla.

Volunteer Enrichment Session- YFS volunteers participated in an enrichment session on Right to Information which was handled by Team VFC,where the attendees were given a  glimpse of what all can be achieved using the information, be it as small as getting the roads tarred to getting the scams and the accused out for trial.48 YFS  volunteers participated in the session.

I-run Marathon by Yuva Brigade- Volunteers participated in the I-run marathon and Digvijaya event organized by Yuva brigade  to commemorate 125th year celebration of   Swami Vivekananda Chicago address.

Respite care by Tamahar-  YFS Volunteers assisted the Tamahar staff  in taking care of children with special needs by keeping them engaged in activities during their annual sports  .

Traffic awareness event by VFC – YFS volunteers participated in the Traffic awareness event by VFC at Yeshwanthpur signal, Bengaluru.Volunteers were dressed up as Bappas(Lord Ganesha) to inspire,  educate and spread the road safety awareness message to the public.


Blind Cricket by Enable India – Sports for All is an Enable Community initiative to promote inclusion where persons with and without disability play sports tournament. Blind cricket is a sports event where persons with and without visual impairment engage in fun game of cricket thus, building sportsmanship and inclusion.Volunteers participated in the game,thereby supporting the inclusive community initiative.


YFS volunteers  contributed to all of the above events with the vision to continue their service to the society with a similar zeal and conviction.


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