It takes little more love,care and compassion to make world a better place to live in

Nutan is a very young,enthusiastic and ambitious volunteer whose commendable actions and thoughts can take anybody in awe.

She is a student of B.Sc. Statistics (H.) at the Venkateswara college, University of Delhi. Her father was in the Indian Army and her fetish for travelling and exploring comes from the fact that being in the Indian Army he used to get posted to different corners of the country after every 2 years. She belongs to Odisha but since her place of residence kept changing after a year or two, she has imbibed in her the aura of whole country and not a particular state.

Nutan joined YFS as an intern during the Swachh Bharat Drive in the summer of 2016. Here a group of 30 interns worked in a team and organised the swachh bharat drive in Connaught Place on 25th June wherein a staggering 1200 people participated.

She also actively took part in Navoudit, a YFS initiaive on kid’s carnival. Navoudit gave a platform to around 3000 children from 50 different schools to showcase their talents.

The description of her experience at Navoudit in her own words is:
“I was a volunteer in Navoudit. Initially, all of us were very nervous and anxious, coordinating with 50 different schools and managing 3000 children is not a cake walk. But on the final day, everything worked out just fine. Before the final day we were required to go to our respective centres and teach and prepare the kids for the final day. I taught drawing to the students of Gandhi Ashram, which is a boarding school for the underprivileged. Since the summer of 2016, I used to go to Gandhi Ashram every Saturday and Sunday to teach maths to the students of fifth standard. During all this time I had formed an unbreakable bond with the students and I got very emotional when it was time for the fifth standard students to leave. After class five, students are required to go to some other school as Gandhi ashram is only for primary kids. There is a sense of satisfaction and peace I feel after spending time with these kids. I absolutely love spending time with these kids. I once asked each and every kid in the class about what they would like to become when they grow up. And to my surprise I got a variety of amazing answers. They are definitely more ambitious than I was at that age, given the right guidance, they can achieve great things.”

She has also coordinated story-fied in Delhi with the help of Sudhakar Sir which made her ever growing experience in social work much richer.

On asking about her motivation behind the work that she is doing, she says, “there were a plethora of incidences which I used to experience or notice in my everyday life which led me to start social work in order to bring about a positive change in the society. The cruel and indifferent attitude of people towards the poor and the needy is heart wrenching. I honestly feel that we need to be more compassionate and empathetic towards everyone. It’s funny how people would spend hundreds and thousands of rupees while eating at a restaurant without giving a second thought but would hesitate when a child beggar asks for food.” . But she does not just want to complain about these things from the comfort and convenience of her house. She wants to come out and do something about it.

The biggest challange that she faces is to answer this one question that people ask,”why are you doing this? What will you get?”. In today’s world, when success is all about materialistic achievements and acquiring possessions, this young lady follows her heart to bring a smile on the faces of some underpriviledged. She has made up a point to always speak up if something bothers her.

It is said that ‘the more you give, the more you recieve’. Definitely Nutan has also recieved some invaluable learnings on team work, time management which has made her a much more confident person. She gets immense satisfaction spending some fruitful time with kids. She owes all this to some beautiful souls like Sudhakar Sir and Swathi Ma’am.

Hats-off to this wonderful girl. We wish Nutan all success in her unending endeavours for bringing happyness to the needy.

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