Jan 20th 2018- Youth For Seva Volunteer Enrichment Session

On 20th January 2018, a Volunteer Enrichment session under the “Together We Grow” concept was arranged for YFS Bengaluru Volunteers.

An interactive 2 hrs session – “Sustaining the Passion for volunteering” was conducted by Mr.Naveen Kashyap, which was very well received by our volunteers.

Around 75 volunteers actively participated in the session, which was followed by a few fun activities which helped the volunteers rejuvenate.

At the end of the day, most of the objectives (listed here under) planned were achieved,
>>Strengthen the passion for Volunteering.
>>Learn from each other’s inspirational volunteering journey.
>>Meet new people, expand the network of like-minded friends
>>Strengthen the ties with the community and broaden the support network
>>Ultimately, experience the fun and fulfillment of life.

Post Enrichment session, volunteers were engaged in few team building activities.

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