Volunteering is a lifestyle. It has become my way of living!

Mrs. Jayasri is one of the senior volunteers in Youth for Seva. She has put in a tremendous effort into bringing a positive change, in many of the underprivileged kids and the needy. Not only is she a passionate volunteer and an accomplished mother of two,  but also a Mentor to many of the young folks in the Hyderabad chapter.  She has reached out to hundreds of adolescent girls and made them come out of their comfort zone to understand and speak about menstrual health and the taboos attached to it.

Mrs. Jayasri says ”Five years back, a google search looking for social service opportunities in the field of education has landed me into Youth for Seva and there’s no looking back since then. YFS has become a family apart from Family.” She basks in contentment saying that everyday is a learning process in YFS and that volunteering has helped her evolve into a better and well-grounded person. She proudly bestows that YFS has given her an opportunity to become a dance teacher, a trainer for the visually challenged kids, a trailblazer for the Narayanapaathra and Vidyadaan initiatives, a self-defence trainer for girl children, etc. She has helped many  kids in cracking the NMMS scholarship and has conducted competitions in extra-curricular activities, to unleash the potential in kids from under-resourced backgrounds.  She has raised funds in her capability and has involved community in a regular Annadanam initiative at Fever Hospital, Hyderabad. Close to 100 people are fed on a daily basis here.

In her journey she has subsumed her neighbours, her allies and many other house wives  who all are now a part and parcel of the YFS family. She reminisces the words of Mr.Venkatesh Murthy YFS’ founder & her inspiration, that our life must be made useful to others  and only when we contribute equal part of ourselves to the society, then is a life well lived.


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