Eco-Friendly Holi 2013

Like every year, YFS volunteers celebrated the festival of colours Holi in an eco-friendly way this year too, by using colours made from flowers and other natural extracts  and making bare minimum use of water. 500 students and 50 volunteers participated in the celebrations spanning across 13 Seva locations.YFS Hyderabad – Eco-Friendly Holi 2013

“Holi has been the favorite festival of mine since the childhood as it is a synonym for masti n fun . However , I never gave a thought about  how much damage I am causing to myself by using those colors . This year we played Holi in a school called Alambana , a school for the under privileged children in Kukatpally . When we announced about Holi celebration  on the day before kids were very excited . As expected , most of them turned up to the school early by 8’0clock in the morning even though it was a Holiday .  We have explained them the reason why we celebrate Holi and benefits  of playing with  Organic colors .All of them listened attentively .Then started the masti  with colors ,for the next  30-

40 min all of us were behind each other busily catching hold of others  and  painting their faces with color . All of us had a great time and at the end of the event , kids could
appreciate the colors as they could clean them very easily with little amount of water . Overall , it was a fun filled  event and we all had a great time 🙂 .Hope all of you had a great time too :)” – Naveen, volunteer at Alambana School for underprivileged.

“It was awesome , Kids enjoyed a lot and it was a life time memory for me .The kids were looking so happy like they played Holi for the first time. I would like to thank YFS for giving me this Wonderful Opportunity” – Shankarprasad, volunteer at Chavadi Ashram for destitute boys.

“The children played with me as if I was their friend and i felt very happy. It was the first time that I celebrated Holi with children. It reminded me of my college days. After long time I celebrated Holi. Colours looked so pleasant to the eyes and had a fragrance as well” – Vijay Kumar, volunteer at Tuition Center, YFS Office-Madhapur.

“I had a great time with children. I felt satisfied at the end of day” – Mahalakshmi, volunteer at Sai Ashram for destitute children and old age home.

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