Summer Internship Experience

It was on a fine sunny morning that I found myself travelling down with the organiser of the Youth for Seva, Swathi Maam, to our destination, who was giving me details of the ‘satisfying work’ for which we were heading to. I was truly excited and curious to know all about it. On halting at Vatsalya Sindhu, a destitute home for boys I was introduced to a world about whom I had no knowledge about, in whatever intensity earlier. There were cute, shy boys smiling mischievously at us. The day started and I was prepared with a schedule at hand in teaching them lessons and though the first few days were tough to handle I was really enjoying what I was doing. As days passed by, I got to know more about the boys and they too started being comfortable with me. I found that Story telling sessions interested them a lot and they listened with rapt attention as one story was told after the other. The time for the writing session was one in which they had to get over their laziness! But they were truly adorable kids who listened to what was being said. I was particularly glad to know about their discipline as in waking up early morning or doing prayers regularly. Therfore I was really very excited to make them learn more which would enhance what they already know.

As days went by, I realised I was very fortunate to be involved in such a big organisation which was doing a great work to provide various kinds of services to different sections of society across the country. Also I learnt that many have left the so called high profile jobs to do their bit to the needy and some volunteers of the YSF are a good example. I had plethora of oppurtunities to participate in various forums, meetings, discussions although I couldn’t attend most of them unfortunately. I got to know the realities of life and the difference it would make to those who are in dire need of help and care. What lesson I have learnt from some of the students I have met is that whatever position you are in, no matter what you do, you need to be cheerful, optimistic and hopeful.

Therefore I am really thankful to the person who has introduced me to the YFS and made me feel really happy. I hope to meet and indulge in the activities of service organisations which are a boon to the society which would provide a wonderful platform for those who are pro-society members and would do their bit and serve a purpose in life.


– Jyothi Priya Angiya

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