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Corporate Projects

In a growing country such as India, it is important to ensure that all of the sectors within the structure are working harmoniously and coherently, fostering a system of interdependence. For this, it is imperative that corporates pitch in and uphold their responsibility to society, and actively channel their efforts to contribute to the social sector. YFS has been a longstanding advocate of the same, and has been involved with many corporates across the country to support them in their corporate social responsibilities, allowing them to give back to society.  

A number of impactful CSR projects are being delivered by YFS in partnership with many corporates. During this year, Youth For Seva focused on the following 4 programs as part of the CSR projects :

Projects offered include:

  • School Adoption program – Education, health, sanitation and other needs
  • AbhyasikasAfter School Learning centers
  • Lab on Wheels
  • Adolescent Health Awareness Program
  • Vidya Chetana – Child sponsorship program 


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