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Vidya Sarathi

YFS Career Guidance Platform

At Youth for Seva (YFS), we understand the daunting question that looms over the heads of many students: "What do you want to become?" This query, while simple at its core, can evoke a mix of confusion, apprehension, and excitement. Recognizing that the path to one’s dream career is not always clear—especially given the rapid developments and changing dynamics in various industries—YFS has initiated the Vidya Sarathi program.

Vidya Sarathi serves as a comprehensive career guidance platform, meticulously designed to illuminate the myriad of career opportunities available to today's youth. Our aim is not only to inform students about different career paths but also to equip them with the knowledge of the steps, means, and methods required to realize their professional dreams.

  • Provide Career Guidance to Students
  • Allow Children to Chart a Clear Path Towards Their Goals

YFS Vidya Sarathi Outreach

In the past year alone, Vidya Sarathi has made a significant mark by assisting 4,683 students in embarking on their journeys toward building stable and successful careers. This achievement underscores our commitment to empowering the next generation with the clarity and confidence needed to navigate their future.

Through Vidya Sarathi, YFS endeavors to offer students a lens through which they can view the vast landscape of possibilities, making informed decisions about their education and career paths. Our program is a testament to our belief that with the right guidance, every student can find their calling and achieve their aspirations, contributing to a brighter, more prosperous future for themselves and their communities.

Goal: Rs2,000,000.00
Collected: Rs136,892.00
Goal: Rs1,000,000.00
Collected: Rs600.00
Goal: Rs500,000.00
Collected: Rs23,000.00

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