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(Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)

STEM Learning Methodology, Importance & Benefits

STEM education holds a significant place in the educational landscape, enriching the minds of countless students across the country and the world. However, it remains out of reach for many attending government schools in our vicinity. Recognizing this gap, we are dedicated to leveling the playing field.

At YFS, we have introduced a specialized STEM education program tailored for students in government schools. The program aims to equip them with the tools and knowledge to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the students.

  • Promote STEM education in government schools.
  • Spark the curiosity for scientific concepts in students.
  • Help government school students take a large leap forward.

Social Impact

Highlights of NMMS program

With this initiative, our goal extends beyond mere knowledge acquisition; we strive to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative teamwork, and spark a lifelong curiosity in students.

YFS is committed to fostering these essential qualities among children in government schools, providing them with a platform to learn, refine, and excel in STEM disciplines. This effort marks a significant stride towards integrating these students into a future society that values and empowers its members.

To date, YFS has proudly launched this transformative program in 7 schools across Bengaluru, 5 in Mysuru, and 8 in the Hanur region of Chamrajnagar, marking the beginning of a new chapter in educational equity for the next generation


Goal: Rs2,000,000.00
Collected: Rs136,892.00
Goal: Rs1,000,000.00
Collected: Rs600.00
Goal: Rs500,000.00
Collected: Rs23,000.00

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