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Youth for Seva (YFS), founded in April 2007, is a nation-wide volunteering movement that inspires youth to volunteer, and provides them with meaningful opportunities to serve the community. YFS aims to create positive change in the society through the culture of volunteering.

Our Philosophy

Youth for Seva's philosophy is rooted in the traditional Bharateeya concepts of 'Runa' and 'Yajna'. Runa (The Debt) Whatever people achieve in their lives is not solely due to their individual efforts. Parents, teachers, friends and even many unknown others contribute to a person's well-being. When you drink a cup of water, think about how many people have worked to bring the water from a river to your home; not just people, but also natural elements like the trees, rivers, clouds, sun and so on.


Our Vision
Self-reliant society powered by socially conscious individuals.
Our Mission
To build and facilitate a movement of organised volunteering for societal well-being.
Our Values
Nation First, Pluralism, Integrity,
Respect, Innovation

Social Impact
Your active support and contribution has made a significant impact in our
neighborhood and we look forward to many more such engagements.
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Organization Policies

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