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Doctors for Seva is a Health needs initiative from Youth For Seva.

We are a team of medical professionals, hospitals and medical colleges willing to provide our medical services to the underprivileged and marginalized class of society on a voluntary basis.

While we do require volunteers with a medical background to provide medical assistance, we are also in constant search of non-medical volunteers to help us carry out various projects and participate in activities like hosting ‘awareness discussions’ in schools on topics related to Healthcare, adolescence and mental health. We hope to create a healthier and more aware society through the work that we do.

Operating with the spirit of ‘Seva’ or service- a core principle of both Indian tradition and medical ethics- we aim to always put the needs of the community and our patients first.

Our Mission 

At Doctors For Seva, we work to connect individuals, colleges and companies interested in volunteering or donating- to schools, clinics and hospitals that require their service. This is achieved either through organizing events like medical camps and annual checkups in government schools, or creating partnerships between individuals or schools requiring medical aid - and companies, hospitals or individual doctors etc so that we can make sure patients are getting the medical attention they seek. 

Our Vision

The vision that keeps DFS actively working in the community is to one day be able to provide access to affordable and quality health care to all. Along with accessible healthcare, we aim to spread awareness among the youth on topics like adolescent health, menstrual hygiene and mental health. 

Our Core Values

Compassion - for the economically weak.

Integrity -  of work 

Dedication - to provide access to quality health care through community service


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