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Youth For Seva: What are some of your best experiences volunteering for YFS?

28 Dec 2022 9:59 PM | Anonymous

Volunteering in an NGO has always been my no.1 dream. I joined Youth For Seva a month ago and was eagerly waiting for an event to happen. When I received a message regarding Children’s Day Program, I happily registered to take part. The event was planned to celebrate at Prasanna Jyothi Orphanage and we were asked to take up responsibilities to entertain the students over there. I decided to join the quiz team and there was no much of preparations required so I was chilling till ‘THE DAY’ arrived.

On November 14, I reached the venue around 3:00 pm and was super nervous! This was totally new to me. I have never been to an orphanage before and socializing was also very challenging as I had not met any new faces from past 2 years due to lockdown, online classes and all. All these made me way more anxious.

As time passed, I felt I am at a right place and around right people. I never felt out of place or never felt I was a newbie. Every other volunteer was damn friendly and it was a warm kind of feeling. And talking about the orphanage … I would like to call it a home with a tight knitted family! My first ever visit to an orphanage and I am more than happy that it was Prasanna Jyothi. The students there are so loving and they are the best souls!

The day was well spent with the students . We played , laughed , shared our knowledge with one another. I have learnt many things from this event. Each and every minute spent in Prasanna Jyothi will be etched in my memory forever. I am seriously falling short of words to express my feelings. It was a blissful day indeed!

I am grateful to Bhuvana ma’am, our cluster head, for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to volunteer in many other events. And I won’t ever regret for choosing Youth For Seva.

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