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Impactful Ideas for Corporate Volunteering

At Youth For Seva, we have been working towards mobilizing corporate volunteers for effective causes for over 15+ years now. Over this period we have had some incredible learning experiences and have created multiple programs that have effectively managed to utilize the time of corporate volunteers.

Our programs have spanned across the fields of education, environment, livelihood, healthcare, and much more. From donating time to efforts, we have been inspired by the role corporate volunteers and the organizations themselves have played in this journey.

As part of our corporate volunteering conclave in 2024 we decided to compile all our experiences into a single book. Out of this idea was born the booklet “Impactful Ideas for Corporate Volunteering”. It contains various programs that anyone can use to mobilize the volunteer workforce effectively.

We hope that the booklet sparks ideas for you as well!

Download Volunteering Ideas Book  

Glimpses of Book Launch

Contribute Ideas

As it is with any compilation, it is a continuous effort. Through this booklet, we have compiled ideas that we had come across in our experience and in context to our situation. As organizations driving social change, you can use these ideas how and where you want with modifications for your context.

You can also contribute ideas for the booklet! We would love to hear from you and include these ideas in the next edition.

Please provide your new ideas or Feedback on the existing contents of the book by filling out this form

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