Every NGO would have engaged a few volunteers at one time or another. But, very few NGOs have made it their organization culture to engage the community and build upon the power of volunteering. Often, it becomes easy to hire paid staff and get the work done rather than engage volunteers from the community. Engaging volunteers has its own challenges and those who learn the art and science of engaging volunteers effectively are able to create sustainable programs and grow with the community participation.

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For the sustainability of any program, community participation is key and volunteering is a good way to begin the process. When you engage volunteers, it accomplishes the task of sensitizing the public at large on the issue the NGO is working for.When there is community participation and engagement, there is a joint ownership for the cause which ensures accountability of the NGO’s work. An added bonus is that volunteers make for cost effective and qualified man power. Volunteering also instils the spirit of ‘Seva’ (selfless service) in a large number of people and also a sense of connectedness and belongingness to the society.When more people are involved, there is an opportunity to create more positive change agents in the society which would strengthen the health of society. Solutions for a community’s problems can be evolved locally without much external interference.The need for external funding is greatly reduced. Volunteer engagement enables participation of local communities in all stages of developmental programs from need assessment-design and implementation.

  • June 2018-Volunteer engagements with Partner NGOs

    YFS volunteers and partner NGOs mutually had a privilege to engage with each other working towards social causes in various means. Several events that happened in June 2018 portrayed the same.
    52 volunteers supported 10 events from 10 Partner NGOs during this month.

    YFS volunteers attended the Satsang and the Food distribution at Kidwai Cancer Institute organised by Swami Vivekananda Shrestha Bharatha Prathisthana. In the  two-hours satsang, Ramakrishma Ashrama BHajan team  presented a sumptuous treat of devotional  music ,immensely pleasing the group.  This programme was a part of the monthly cultural programmes conducted @ Kidwai. After the Satsang , volunteers from Youth for Seva ,helped in the distribution of food to patients and their caretakers.

    Finger chat of Enable India is an event,which is a community initiative of Enable India to spread sign language awareness to the society,so that we understand the deaf culture and promote the sense of inclusion.Volunteers were taught the basics of sign language .

    The ENSYDE event focused on providing awareness session for students(around 350 children) of Sunkenahalli govt School on e-waste,ban on  single use plastic,followed by sapling plantation. It was a YFS co-ordinated the event.Primary and High school- around 350 children were involved

    The  ENSYDE event focused on sensitizing people on e-waste, single use plastic and other environment related issues. The purpose was spreading awareness about responsible e-waste collection and recycling.It included activities such as- cloth bag painting, competitions, pledges and activities in support of environment awareness.

    The  SAAHAS event centered on awareness on Single use plastic,waste segregation to the corporates @ RMZ campus.

    Estha NGO was participated in the  stall @Texas Instruments  on account of  World Environment Day.

    Our intern was connected to Sambhav Foundation.At Sambhav, the kids have conditions varying from Down syndrome to microcephaly to ADHD with seizures to cerebral palsy. The intern was in charge of a kid with cerebral palsy who had restricted movement in his leg, tremors and is a little slow in speech. The intern spent the day helping him with various activities like identification of Colors, puzzles and stringing together beads. Every class has a teacher, so along with looking after the kid intern also helped her out with the other children.

    The volunteers supported ,Youth For Parivarthan in transforming an ugly and shady wall right opposite to the Ram Mandir Ground (Rajajinagar PU college)in Rajajinagar,which was cleaned and beautified by Team YFPin association with YFS.YFS assisted the activity by facilitating the volunteers.

    The event by Meraki  was an opportunity to engage volunteers with children at Panathur Government School organized by Meraki. Various activities like painting, creating art forms, a small skit and birthday celebrations were conducted for children.The volunteers were fascinated to engage with these children in the activities and helping them throughout the activities.


    The kids from Srirampuram free basic home were taken to Cubbon Park  as part of their picnic by Meraki.Games, art activities and music session were planned for the children.They were taken to Balbhavan and engaged in fun games and activities.

    Volunteers have been connected to help Premanjali, with Documentation, audio recording of  the  books for the visually impaired students to help them take up their exams and come out with flying colours.

    Volunteers participated in One Sign per Day event launch of Enable India,which  is a Community initiative of Enable India to spread sign language awareness to all over social media. It is a series of videos where Deaf teach sign language and those interested to learn can do so by simply subscribing to this channel.  Thus, by continuing to spread awareness, understanding the disability sector and volunteering we hope to build an inclusive nation of Change-makers.

    The Blind Movie initiative By Enable India, purposed to create an awareness on inclusion of persons with disability by watching the movie blindfolded followed by an interactive session.The volunteers of Youth For Seva participated in the same .


  • May 2018-YFS volunteer engagements at Partner NGOs

    On May 10th,2018, Youth For Seva hosted a half-day workshop entitled “The Art of writing an Annual Report for and NGO”. The workshop was presented by Swathi Ram, National Coordinator, Youth For Seva.The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a variety of NGOs to learn about the art of writing an attractive, comprehensive, appealing annual report. The session consisted of discussions on the contents of an Annual report, marketing the cause, showcase of partners and donors, distribution of the Annual report and so on.

    Youth For Seva Volunteer supported Partner NGO events:

    Kidwai Satsang and Food distribution

    On May 6th,2018, a Satsang was conducted in Kidwai Cancer Institute by Swami Vivekananda Shrestha Bharatha. Representatives from Ramakrishna Ashram taught bhajans to the patients, their caretakers and volunteers alike for about an hour,which filled the place with positive energy. This event is conducted on first Sunday of every month as an attempt to help the patients in their Spiritual journey. After the satsang, volunteers from Youth for Seva and other NGOs helped in the distribution of food,fruits,milk  and clothes to  the patients and their caretakers.

    Finger chats:

    The biggest challenge that the deaf community faces in India today is that of communication.

    Fingerchats is an initiative of Enable India to create inclusion of deaf citizens into mainstream society. They conduct weekly or monthly workshops where they teach hearing people how to sign to communicate with the deaf and also understand the deaf culture. Volunteers learn the basics of communication with deaf people,thereby supporting the idea of inclusive society.

    Parental guidance workshop:

    Full Circle in association with Youth for Seva conducted a seminar on parental guidance on May 27th,2018. The seminar was presented by Dr. Madhusudana Rao, an expert in parental guidance and adolescence. This seminar was an attempt to address some of the common problems/issues related to upbringing adolescent kids which are mostly knowingly unknown, ignored or not paid much of attention, which leads to larger problem later. Many parents as well as volunteers took part in this seminar.


    This is an NGO which supports visually impaired students in various aspects. Volunteers from YFS helped in recording books for visually impaired people who are sitting for various exams like railway exams, bank exams and so on.

    Intern Engagement at NGOs:

    Students who are taking up the Masters in Social Work course have to conduct community case studies  as part of their curriculum,where they interact with kids, study them, discern if they have any mental disturbances and so on. Such students of the MSW program go through NGO’s like Youth for Seva for their internship,where they are in turn connected to NGOs working with children.

    Hasirudala-Buguri Summer Camp:

    It was a two day  summer camp event conducted by Hasiru Dala, an organization that works for the betterment of informal waste pickers,  at Freedom park, Gandhi Nagar. A summer camp was conducted for such children which included a variety of  activities like art,desi games,music,dance,theatre workshop etc. The volunteers helped with registrations for such activities, helping in conduction of sessions, helping the children in activities and also distribution of food, snacks and gifts.

  • Annual report writing: Workshop for NGOs

    On May 10th,2018, Youth For Seva hosted a half-day workshop entitled “The Art of writing an Annual Report for an NGO at Gopalan Skill Academy, Bengaluru. The workshop was presented by Swathi Ram, National Co-ordinator, Youth For Seva.


        The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a variety of NGOs to learn about the art of writing an attractive, comprehensive, appealing annual report. The  68 workshop participants represented 43 not-for-profit organizations.

    The agenda began with an overview of an Annual Report and context of why an effective, well articulated Annual report is needed for an organization. Speaker then shared the details of preparation and planning required along with having stories of change, testimonials, attractive and relevant photographs as part of the Annual report.

    The session continued with discussions on the contents of an Annual report, marketing the cause, showcase of partners and donors, distribution of the Annual report and so on.

    The workshop was followed by Q&A session, wherein the participants came out with many questions which were answered confidently and comfortably by the speaker. The Q& A session was potential and value added to all the participants.

    The workshop concluded with snacks and networking amongst the participating organizations. The participants were engaged in interactions with organizations with similar mission and goals. The networking ensured meaningful contacts at different levels.

    In order to develop and promote a good working relationship, a network of NGOs is formed which will be going forward used for coordination, organization and facilitating workshop opportunities and other mutually beneficial opportunities.


    NGOs that participated  in the Workshop:

    Helping Hands Foundation

    Sidra Social Welfare Trust

    Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled

    Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama


    Dev Sanskriti University

    Sneha Seva Trust

    Vanavaasi Kalyana

    Surabhi Foundation Trust

    Jana Seva Samruddhi Trust

    Society for Space Education Research & Development

    Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

    SGS Vagdevi Center

    Indus Group of Rural development

    Asha Kirana Trust

    Viveka Vikasa



    LokaSeva Pratisthana/Graama vikasa

    Nele Foundation

    Nachiketha Manovikaasa Kendra Trust

    Sambhav Foundation

    Shishu Mandir

    Full circle


    Human Welfare Society

    Block resource center


    Lets Endorse

    Swami Vivekananda Shrestha Bharatha

    Enable India

    Disability NGOs Alliance

    Anatha Shishu Nivaasa


    Samarpaka Sewa Trust

    Hindu Seva Prathishtana

    Gopalan Skill Academy


  • April 2018 – Volunteer engagements with Partner NGOs

    We are proud to share many events which we took part and made it a fruitful one. Only and only with our ever-energetic volunteers and helpful hands which joined us as a Partner N.G.O’s. Here is a list of the quick note of the same.

    Meraki NGO opportunity was looked up by Arkesh one of the volunteers who were with Srirampura children for the celebration of the same.

    Mrs. Anasuya Kashy was connected as a counselor to Ashraya Seva trust for group counseling of the members.

    Our volunteers Chitra and Ashwini took part in the Audio recording of books which was done offline for “Premanjali Trust”.


    It was Manohar in Vijayanagar and Amulya in Girinagar who were the part of N.R colony Medicine distribution programme for free homeo clinic along with our partner N.G.O of Kotak Mahindra Retired officers association.

    YFS with ENSYDE had an “E-Awareness Camp” at Indira Nagar club where six of our volunteers took part in the event and also put up e-waste awareness camp stall. We look forward to Eram Khan, Ashish, Bhaskar, Vijay, and Sneha for your active participation in future events.

    Hanumathon – Which was lead by 4 volunteers and Srinivas as the lead to the group with the partner NGO being “Uttista Bharatha”. The event had many sportive events like the marathon, cyclathon where our volunteers helped in the registration of the participants control the traffic for the smooth functioning of the event, excelled in crowd management and helped the participants by providing water at many scheduled water points.

    Shyam and his friend volunteered to conduct summer camp at Kodichikkanahalli near Bommanahalli for students to make their summer holidays useful and fruitful.

    Enable India had conducted “Finger Chat” an event which is also a community initiative to enable India to spread sign language awareness to all so that we understand the deaf culture. 10 of our volunteers took part in the event and enjoyed to be a part of a new world of deaf and their culture. We look forward to Anushri, Eshwari, Kiran, Srinivas Niveditha Mohan, Mallaishwari, Namitha, Prajwal, Raghunath, Surichi, Priyanka, Priya and Monisha for their support in future events.


    Our YFS volunteer Monisha and Sunil Kumar helped people of “Sri Sai Seva Trust” in drafting emails to the trustees and other documentation.

  • March 2018-Volunteer Engagements with Partner NGOs

    Bengaluru Volunteers who spent their time and energy in a variety of volunteering opportunities ranging from Serving food at an Annual Day function for the Special Children ,felicitated the Visually Impaired for their achievements, training the Special children for their Annual day,supported the govt. initiative of Pulse Polio Immunization by administering polio drops to the children,engaged the elders with mind games,Bhajans to name a few and prepared Fruit Salad and served them at an oldage home.


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