Every NGO would have engaged a few volunteers at one time or another. But, very few NGOs have made it their organization culture to engage the community and build upon the power of volunteering. Often, it becomes easy to hire paid staff and get the work done rather than engage volunteers from the community. Engaging volunteers has its own challenges and those who learn the art and science of engaging volunteers effectively are able to create sustainable programs and grow with the community participation.

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For the sustainability of any program, community participation is key and volunteering is a good way to begin the process. When you engage volunteers, it accomplishes the task of sensitizing the public at large on the issue the NGO is working for.When there is community participation and engagement, there is a joint ownership for the cause which ensures accountability of the NGO’s work. An added bonus is that volunteers make for cost effective and qualified man power. Volunteering also instils the spirit of ‘Seva’ (selfless service) in a large number of people and also a sense of connectedness and belongingness to the society.When more people are involved, there is an opportunity to create more positive change agents in the society which would strengthen the health of society. Solutions for a community’s problems can be evolved locally without much external interference.The need for external funding is greatly reduced. Volunteer engagement enables participation of local communities in all stages of developmental programs from need assessment-design and implementation.

  • May_YFS NGO capacity building workshop

    Youth For Seva  had organized an NGO capacity building workshop titled “Volunteer Management strategy”   on May 4th,2019 .


    The  Primary goal was to enable NGOs to engage more of the community in the responsible programs and make an impact on the society at large.

    The workshop covered the various topics of Effectively engaging volunteers for NGO projects.

    The session also covered  the topics like-Sourcing a volunteer,Different volunteer models,understanding the volunteer mindset,designing a program for a volunteer,sustaining and motivating the volunteer and much more with supporting hands on activity.

    NGOs from varied domains participated in the workshop.

  • Jan 2019 -Volunteer Engagement with Partner NGOs

    With the motto of Joy of Giving, we at YFS stepped into the new year 2019, with a hope and ambition to achieve further more in facilitating volunteering among the people.  In total 63 volunteers participated in various events held in the month of January 2019.

    Alongwith the involvement of volunteers in regular activities of YFS, 63 volunteers participated in the Partner NGO events in the month of January 2019.

    New Year celebration, at Government School children:

    To welcome the New Year school at government school, few volunteers engaged in distribution of stationary, in conducting drawing session, distribution of snacks.


    Sankranthi at Amritadhara Gou Loka , with We Gopals:

    The festival of harvest, was rejoiced by our volunteers by visiting  gaushala and involving in the activities of cooking pongal, kite flying, Cleaning of the cowshed,preparing lamps from dung, and other activities . Children,also participated in the activities. A knowledge sharing session on preparing Jeevaamrutha and nature for cow , an interactive session was also held.

    Satsang  and Food Distribution at Kidwai, in association with Swami Vivekananda Shrestha Bharatha Prathisthana:

    This volunteering activity happens on the first Sunday of every month. The volunteersbecome part of the Satsang, help in distributing food to Patients and their caretakers. Hygiene kits were also distributed to the inmates.

    Filling of potholes atKoramanagala, with NGO PotHoleRaja:

    Volunteer involvement started with identifying the place most affected with pot holes , followed by filling them. The pothole filling activity happened Koramangala area

    Meet the Paws at Sai Shelter Homes, with NGO Volunteers for Cause:

    Our volunteers had an opportunity to get sensitized about the animal welfare and also render their seva at Sai shelter Homes, which takes care of Stray dogs. The volunteers were involved in dog bathing, applying disinfectants to them and playing with them.

    Blind Movie screening at Deepa Academy for visually impaired children, with Enable India:

    Volunteers here, were involved in watching a movie and simultaneously explaining it  to their accompanying visually impaired person , thus helping in visualizing the movie. This also made volunteer to know the techniques of them understand the challenges faced by a visually impaired person and also helped in developing the ability to communication just by audibility and not with visibility.

    Swachh Bharat Mission at lalbagh Flower show with Saahas Zero Waste :

    Volunteers were a part of  the campaign that created awareness to the public on segregation of waste at the source,guided visitors on waste disposal and on usage of specific bin for wet and dry waste.


  • Nov-Dec 2018-Partner NGO activities

    We at YFS believe in the ‘Joy of Giving’. This November , 110 volunteers at YFS contributed and supported around 10 events from our partner NGOs,apart from YFS regular activities.Below are the event details and NGOs supported.

    Sports Day Celebration at Bachpan –YFS volunteers helped in preparing the ground for children for Sports day Event, they captured the young talents and  also helped the teachers in conducting games at the venue.

    Chinnara Sambrama by Surabhi Foundation-Different sports and cultural events were organized by Surabhi Foundation for the and orphanage children.YFS volunteers supported in crowd management,hosting different competitions for the children smoothly.

    Awake Vishwa Seva Foundation– State level  Music,Dance ,Drawing and many more competitions for the  Visually impaired was organized by Awake Vishwa Seva Foundation. YFS Volunteers handled the mobility team ,food and water management team,therby contributing to the success of the event.

    Kidwai Satsang and Food distribution event by Swami Vivekananda Bharatha Pratishthana – A Satsang, accompanied by food distribution was conducted for the patients and their care takers at the Kidwai Cancer Institute. The whole idea was to create a more positive environment, and bring a smile to the face of the people who deserve it the most.

    Association for people with Disability(APD)– A Garden Fair was organized by APD by it’s Horticulture wing. YFS volunteers supported in the stall management,introduction on different species of plants to the customers,therby helping in the sales.

    Drawing competition by Awake Vishwa Seva Foundation for the differently abled –A State Level precursor event for World Disability Day with 300 differently abled children participating in the competition  was organised by the State Government in collaboration with Awake Foundation . YFS volunteers helped in  the seating arrangement for the children, handling the competition effectively, and finally serving  the food for all the children .

    Hundred Hands Exhibition – Aim For Seva children from Yelahanka and Dharmapuri participated in the  art and craft workshop of handmade products to showcase their talents, and exhibit their products.YFS volunteers supported the children during this whole exhibition for 3 days  .

    Deepavali celebration at IGICH– The event included a brief information on the significance of Deepavali festival,followed by Invocation,Photography, and Puppet show by renowed puppetier and a National Award winner Dr.Dattareya Aralikatte for children.The event also highlighted the Live Like Kalam value”Compassion”,and it involved a  short talk about Dr,Kalam which was followed by biscuit and fruit distribution to the children.

    Quizabled – Seva in Action  conducted a Quiz challenge for the Differently abled across 7 centres in Bengaluru.volunteers supported in conducting quiz competition for differently abled at these centres.

    Jalposhan- The children were engaged by volunteers in few Desi games ,which also involved the Jakkur Lake cleaning as the main event.

    Children’s day celebration-YFS volunteers celebrated children’s day at Vagdevi Rehabilitation centre for Speech and hearing impaired students.Many activities like drawing ,colouring,tattooing and fun games  were planned for the children.


  • August 2018-Volunteer Engagement with Partner NGOs

    This August , the volunteers at YFS contributed to the below events conducted by our partner NGO’s.

    Yoga for Visually Challenged – YFS volunteer was connected to Premanjali,an organization for Visually challenged to teach Suryanamaskara and Pranayama to the inmates.

    Annual Report for Manonandana – YFS volunteer assisted the Manonandana trust in designing their NGO Annual report .

    Flyer design and Content writing for Partner NGOs-YFS volunteers supported few NGOs by designing flyers for their events and assisted them with content writing for their website updation.

    Kidwai Satsang and Food distribution – A Satsang, accompanied by food distribution was conducted for the patients and their care takers at the Kidwai Cancer Institute. The whole idea was to create a more positive environment, and bring a smile to the face of the people who deserve it the most. YFS volunteers supported in crowd management,food and cloth distribution.The student volunteers also performed few cultural events for the inmates.

    Finger chats by Enable India – An event to spread awareness about the need of learning sign language by including games based on sign language and hearing impairments.

    Inclupedence Day & Freedom Fest by Enable India -Community Initiatives of Enable India in Collaboration with Namma Metro hosted the inclusive independence day celebration in Bangalore – Inclupendence Carnival.Volunteers from YFS assisted in registering Participants, Decorating the Venue, Mobilising People, Distributing Water and Snacks,  organizing Games, Dance, Silent National Anthem and setting up Blind Simulation Room.

    Parental Guidance by Full circle- Parental guidance workshop on “Managing emotions and stress in adolescents” by renowned pshycotherapist Padamashri Rao was organized by Full circle in collaboration with YFS.The informative session was attended by parents of the underprivileged where the speaker emphasized the importance of positive parenting.Volunteers supported in  managing the registration desk and stage management .

    Deaf cricket event by Enable India- Deaf cricket is a sports event where persons with and without Hearing impairment engage in fun game of cricket thus, building sportsmanship and inclusion.Volunteers were engaged in playing cricket along with handling registrations and co-ordination activities.A team of volunteres participated in nthe cricket Tournament.

    E-waste awareness and Collection drive by ENSYDE- E-waste being very hazardous , the disposal of the same must be done  very cautiously. Group of volunteers who did  door to door e-waste awareness and collection @JP ngr. Along with the collection,they gave the information of availability of e-waste bins at Bangalore one centres,post offices and different collection points.

    Support to Ashankura Trust- Volunteers assisting in conducting  Sports  activity as part of the weekly engagement for the differentlyabled at Ashankura Trust.

  • Sep 2018 -Volunteer Engagement with Partner NGOs

    We at YFS believe in the ‘Joy of Giving’. This September, the volunteers at YFS contributed to the below events conducted by our partner NGO’s.

    Krishna Janmashtami at Kidwai– Krishna Janmashtami also known as Krishnashtami, commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna,  is not just about offering prayers and fasting; it has some special activities associated with the celebrations.Janmashtami is the day Bal Krishna is worshipped or Krishna in his infant form is worshipped.On this day, 30 volunteers from YFS supported  Sri Swami Vivekananda  Prathisthana in dressing up 150 Paediatric patients  at Kidwai Memorial of Oncology to resemble little Krishnas & little Radhes  .These little children were taken on a procession in a chariot ,to bring in a feel good factor amongst them.

    Krishna Janmashtami at ISKCON by Gopals –  Volunteers from YFS were involved  in  creating  an awareness on Gou  to the public on  the occassion of Krishna Janmasthami,where they  also assisted in introducing different breeds of Gau,taking care of feeding the cows,managing the stall and speaking  to the  public.

    IOAF Trust launch –Volunteers assisted the team in the launch event of the Trust ,an inspiring  event,with chief guest, PadmaShree  awardee- Dr.   Malathi holla.

    Volunteer Enrichment Session- YFS volunteers participated in an enrichment session on Right to Information which was handled by Team VFC,where the attendees were given a  glimpse of what all can be achieved using the information, be it as small as getting the roads tarred to getting the scams and the accused out for trial.48 YFS  volunteers participated in the session.

    I-run Marathon by Yuva Brigade- Volunteers participated in the I-run marathon and Digvijaya event organized by Yuva brigade  to commemorate 125th year celebration of   Swami Vivekananda Chicago address.

    Respite care by Tamahar-  YFS Volunteers assisted the Tamahar staff  in taking care of children with special needs by keeping them engaged in activities during their annual sports  .

    Traffic awareness event by VFC – YFS volunteers participated in the Traffic awareness event by VFC at Yeshwanthpur signal, Bengaluru.Volunteers were dressed up as Bappas(Lord Ganesha) to inspire,  educate and spread the road safety awareness message to the public.


    Blind Cricket by Enable India – Sports for All is an Enable Community initiative to promote inclusion where persons with and without disability play sports tournament. Blind cricket is a sports event where persons with and without visual impairment engage in fun game of cricket thus, building sportsmanship and inclusion.Volunteers participated in the game,thereby supporting the inclusive community initiative.


    YFS volunteers  contributed to all of the above events with the vision to continue their service to the society with a similar zeal and conviction.


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