Palamalai tribal village and YFS School kit distribution

Happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, pride, delight, and still I can add many more words to describe my feelings. The YFS school kit drive has crossed great heights so far, but in Coimbatore it is something different! Before going on to the formal descriptions, I’d like to express what Palamalai is all about. Very small group of seven villages […]

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Specialists in Afzalpur Taluk hospital after 15 years!

Afzalpur Taluk hospital has no appointed Gynaecologist or Paediatrician. Travelling to the nearest town of Gulbarga is a gruelling experience for pregnant women, which is 60 km away. The locals do not find it odd since it has been this way since the last 15 years. Maybe longer… When the DFS team first decided to […]

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“Are they out of their mind?”

Gangadhar, a 23 year old lad from Mandya had to discontinue his PU to take care of the family after his father’s death. He worked as a garment worker along with his mother. His heart pains started from past one year. He was diagnosed with septal defect in his heart (hole in heart) and was […]

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