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"I have been associated with “Youth for Seva” since 2011 it has been the most fruitful and satisfying journey of my life. They are extremely committed and passionate group. They make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable sections of the society. I am glad to associate with the organization in all its activities.

At the outset, the very thought of being socially associated with society and make ones presence felt in translating ideas and to transform in reality., is something which always appears to be an abstract, coz, talking is something different to action, but I felt exception is in the case of Youth for Seva which has chosen to tread a different path for volunteers by choosing a career which brings smile in the volunteers as well the people.

On my part I have gained immensely in terms of learning how to communicate better and to create social change. I am grateful for this opportunity that Youth for Seva gave to me."

—Balasubramaniam, Chennai




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