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YFS (Young at heart For Seva) as I think, is a platform of inspiration for all ages. YFS has encouraged individuals to take their passion for social responsibility to the next level.It gives me a lot of pride to say that I have been volunteering for the last 9 years in both education and health sectors through the YFS platform. YFS has taught me to truly believe in "There is no substitute for the joy that we get when we make others smile".

My biggest accomplishment was when I adopted 4 students two years back for a year. I took it upon myself to provide food and teach them at home. And I was the happiest person when they graduated with flying colors in their exams and have been success ful in their studies ever since. Now, I am a part of YFS's Change Agent Fellowship,and working towards reducing dropouts in schools and encouraging them to continue their higher studies. With this challenge, we look forward to help as many students in need as possible. I, personally, would like to make positive changes and be a source of inspiration to the next generation to take on more social responsibilities and give back to the society. I look forward to see many of you join me in this journey.





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