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On that drizzling day, Venkatesh Murthy came to my office room, 10 years ago, with a brief introduction from common friends in US. We discussed may be for 3hrs about the idea of YFS and the issues of starting it. I was confident that within a few years it will have more students than projects. What a growth in ten years for a Seva organisation.

Youth for Seva inculcated that Seva is not just for receivers but it elevates the giver. Seva purifies the body and mind. The congruence of thought/words/action is important in Seva and that has been imbibed by hundreds of youth who have passed through the portals of YfS. It encompasses --not just teaching school kids and adopting Government schools but enlarged to have doctors for seva etc..

It is a major nation building activity and what Swami Vivekananda inspired Indians to undertake. Wishing the organisation all the best and blessings to all youngsters.

—Prof R.Vaidyanathan, Professor of Finance, Rtd, IIMB Advisory Board Member since 2007

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